Steven J. Marek




Rising Waters

Short Story:

The Postpartum Experiment; or Adeline and the Rain Monsters

Adeline suffers from Ombrophobia, fear of rain. Good thing her husband and attentive household companion are working on a cure. Let's hope they can do so before her symptoms figure it out. 


Our Haunted Woods

Short Story:

For You

Dr. Emily Angell, once a happy care-free child, now laments over her mother's grave. Her reflection on their relationship reveal the tides that drove her true nature to the surface. 


Forest of Angels

Short Story:

A Pause of Death


Catherine and Lyle are homicide detectives at the same precinct in downtown Manhattan. After two years of dating in secret, they are ready to announce their engagement to the world. Everything is moving along perfectly, that is until Catherine picks up an eerily attractive female vagrant wandering lost and naked on the George Washington Bridge. As she brings the woman in for processing the rest of the world is discovering that death is no longer a consequence of life.


The Polar Storm

A Novel

Currently being queried for representation

Houston homicide detective Alicia Jean Lee has been diagnosed with a rare mental disorder. The symptoms of which are currently being exhibited in the city's newest serial killer-one whose modus operandi leaves the victims mutilated beyond recognition. The disease comes with an ancient instinct for survival and the ability to swing the victim's emotions to polar extremes . As Detective Lee races to end the gruesome murders, she runs into competition—a local psychic, whose dark talents are up for the task of delivering the killer's head for a price.